May 20th, 2021


  • Distribution lists: You can now select labels to be excluded from a contact, e.g., include contacts with the label "demo" but not if they have the label "lead".
  • Distribution lists: You can now import contact records from within a list directly.
  • Distribution lists: There are now landing page settings for the "Unsubscribe" and "User preferences" pages. There is a default setting (which applies to all lists) with the option to overwrite them for each list individually. Also, you have the option to preview these pages.
  • Email Campaigns: We've added a "User Preferences" landing page, so your subscribers can update their name and email.
  • Email Campaigns: New variables: $unsubscribe$ and $preferences$ for the new settings above.


  • Editor: We've improved the saving of your templates, especially email templates for your email campaigns so that it properly saves your changes even if you are in code view.
  • Editor: Updated to the latest edition which contains a lot of fixes for different browsers.
  • Email Campaigns: We are now alerting users if the SMTP setting is missing.
  • Email Campaigns: Contacts are now counted overall to be aligned with our new pricing model (coming soon).


  • Chat: The email transcript will now show the chat rating properly.
  • Chat: We've fixed an issue with the chat notification when a user had "do not disturb" enabled.