March 23nd, 2021

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    Helpmonks Test
  • on 03-23-2021


  • Engage Email Campaigns: We've fixed an issue with using variables within your email campaigns.
  • Saved Replies: We've fixed an issue where the attachments from the saved reply were not added to the message.
  • Group drafts: There was an issue with redirecting the user to the mailbox draft. This also caused some confusion with counts and the context. Something that will be prevented in our new design as well. For now, the issue is resolved.
  • We've upgraded the ServiceWorker library which fixes a small bug with some operations (benign issues that weren't affecting anyone). Behind the scene stuff :)
  • Engage Chat: Attachments were only stored in temporary space but not in the primary location
  • We've fixed an issue with not showing the proper sender when the email list got updated automatically and also made sure that we don't cache too much.
  • We've fixed an issue with not showing the proper SMTP server in the frontend when your custom SMTP server setting was reset (because there was an error sending).
  • We've fixed an issue that seldomly happened when there was an attachment with having the IMAP sync enabled.
  • We've enhanced the parser to parse "addresses" properly that would contain invalid HTML (not exactly a fix and more an enhancement)