February 28th, 2021


  • Campaigns can now be scheduled!
  • Within a customer profile you can now add the user to a distribution list too (previously only to an automated campaign). Also, you now see to which list the user is subscribed to (and can remove the user)
  • The email sidebar will now show the automated campaigns and/or the distribution lists the contact is a member of
  • There is now also a summary available for automated campaigns
    • Engage Distribution list: There is now an option to remove all subscribers of a list
    • Engage Distribution list: We've also added an option to search for users in a list
    • Engage Sent Campaigns: You can now search for users to quickly see the activities
    • Engage Chat Agent Reports: We are now showing which chats got a bad rating


        • Engage Automated Campaigns: Adding a label to a customer record is now adding the record to the campaign independent if the campaign is active or not
        • Email Sidebar: You can now hide the label dropdown


        • Engage Campaigns: We've fixed an issue with the distribution list showing "0" users
        • We showed a warning issue that the SMTP server was not properly configured, even when you used your own server
        • Email Sidebar: When the customer record had no label, it did not show that a label was added (despite adding the label in the background)
        • Preview Window: Will now show the subject properly
        • We've fixed an issue that removed the filter when you viewed emails within "Assigned to others" or "Pending" and filtered by a specific user