April 5th, 2021


You can now keep your distribution lists automatically updated with customers that have a label or belong to a company. This works, as when you add a label to a customer, the email address automatically gets added to the distribution list(s). Subsequently, when you remove the label, the email address gets removed.

This works everywhere, within Helpmonks and also when you use the API for adding or removing labels from a customer.


  • Distribution lists: We've now added a link to the customer in the list
  • Drip Campaigns: We are now showing the Trigger for the campaign in the overview already


  • Drip Campaigns: We've fixed an issue with adding new customer records to a campaign when "add by labels" is selected
  • Form-Builder: We've fixed a small issue with a field being submitted with undefined
  • Chat: We've fixed an issue with not showing the chat messages properly when the user navigates to another page or refreshes the current one
  • We've fixed a small issue with Avatars in general, too